Monday and Thursday Night 10:30PM On idobi Radio


Bitch Slap Radio was created in 2004 as a purely new music radio show on Madalt radio. The host of the show Zac, would pick some of the hottest new bands to play on the show. Madalt Radio was shut down in late 2005, and with it came the death of the old format of Bitch Slap Radio.

In 2006, Madalt Radio was relaunched and asked Zac to bring the show back to the airways. However this time Zac wasn’t alone. Zac teamed up with his co-host James and changed Bitch Slap Radio from a music show, to a life style talk radio show. However in late 2006, Madalt Radio once again went under. It wasn’t long after that Bitch Slap Radio found it’s new home on idobi Radio, one of the largest alternative Internet radio networks out there. The Bitch Slap crew joined up with other shows such as Xtreme Bitz, Cash Test Radio, and Dj Rossstar on Idobi Radio.

Up until 2008 Bitch Slap Radio was Zac, James, JV the sex guru, and that guy on the couch. The show was done anywhere from a living room, to an outside porch by the pool. In 2008, the show found its self a studio that it can call home. However in late 2008, Zac’s co-host James left the show, and Bitch Slap Radio spent the next few months searching for a replacement.

In 2009, Bitch Slap Radio was reborn, a new James was added to the crew, and shows format kept getting better. Segments like Bitch Slap of the Week, Band of the week, what would you do became weekly events, and the number of people tuning in kept going up.

2010, so fair has been the best year for the Bitch Slap crew, Zac and James added several new people to the cast, John the Penguin, Chelse, Black Eric, Hippy Holilo, and KP are just some of the new cast members who come on the show. Weekly guests, and friends of the cast have made appearance to talk about having sex in public, fucking stupid objects, and all around crazy experiences that has happened to them.

The demand for more Bitch Slap was large towards march of 2010, to answer the call Bitch Slap Radio created a second show aired on Thursday Nights called Dont Give A Fuck Thursday, and it became an instant hit!

Bitch Slap Radio is on it’s 10th Season now, we have a brand new website, and are ready to rock the world! Each week Bitch Slap Radio has pulled in over 30,000 people a week to tune into the show, and is rapidly only going up!