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Daily Rant: The Reverser’s

Do you know what I hate? People who drive like idiots. Not just oh do do do la la la I’m 16 and awesome cause I just got my license. I’m talking about old senile drivers.  The ones who you are stuck behind at red lights.  They’re driving shitty Oldsmobile’s, either gray or white, and are stopped WAYYYYYYYY behind the line that at least TWO cars could...

Daily Rant: Know It alls!

Daily Rant: Know It alls!

Jul 15, 2010

Everyone knows one of them.  Those people who just seem to know everything about everything, no matter how obscure the topic is. There is just a part of there brain that retains the most useless knowledge.  You are talking to your friend about sitars and all of a sudden the know-it-all has to jump into your conversation and rudely interrupt.  No, we did not...