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Daily Rant: The Reverser’s

Do you know what I hate? People who drive like idiots. Not just oh do do do la la la I’m 16 and awesome cause I just got my license. I’m talking about old senile drivers.  The ones who you are stuck behind at red lights.  They’re driving shitty Oldsmobile’s, either gray or white, and are stopped WAYYYYYYYY behind the line that at least TWO cars could fit in front of this car before even getting to the intersection.  And these old fuckers are not just stopped way behind the line.  THEY ARE PARKED. They are so senile that they don’t want to be responsible for holding down the brake pedal for all of 3 minutes, tops.  So they go through the effort of changing gears from drive to park.  They should probably just put it in fucking neutral and by the time they get up to the intersection the light will be green.  But no. these old people don’t even pay attention to the light. After it turns green they sit around for 30 seconds not realizing that light has changed from red to green.  And because they hear my fucking horn they flip out and quickly change gears.  In their panicked (or senile, whatever you prefer) state they accidently put it into reverse and instead of quickly driving forward by flooring it, they reverse into your shiny car going a mere 25 mph. awesome.

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