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Weekly Rant: New Years

Weekly Rant: New Years

Dec 31, 2010

End of the Year,
End of Times.

Wherever you look now a days someone is talking about “doom.” Doom here, doom there… I don’t get how exactly they get off doing this. Some say that 2012 will be the end of us all, and that these are the last two years we have on earth. Others said it was supposed to happen when the Hallie comet passed over us, but now we all know that it was just a farce and that Nike’s will never look as cool with purple sheets over them.

Fear not, oh listeners and readers, for your time is nowhere near an end (unless you are on death row then you kind of know, cheater). Think of this: you are freaked out, you think it’s the last couple of days in the planet… fuck it! Why care? Just spend all of your money, frolic and have sex with everyone you can, and don’t pay attention to the men behind the curtain laughing, loli-gallin’, and beating off to your certain doom. Anarchy is a form of control, or rather a great avenue to bring forth such.

What men behind the curtain? Well, certainly it’s not just men anymore as women have also jumped in higher points of control within the world governments. It is “They” who wish to see the little people scrounge like animals for a taste of greatness before doom time. Crazy talk you say? Here is some knowledge, brought to you from years of watching History Chanel.

In the dark ages the sky was falling every other day. As we didn’t understand what meteor showers were due to a complete wipe out of knowledge which started with the fall of the great Alexandrian Library (hence the dark ages), after which it was easy for those who had said knowledge to use it in order to benefit by gaining more converts, raise taxes for protection, and intimidate people into being subservient.

Sound familiar? Please, do some research, and you will find that not only have people been treated like cattle for the past 2,000 years, but we have been doing it to ourselves via fear for far longer than that. So what is your fear this season? Is it a looming Zombie apocalypse? Maybe Zombie Nazi’s? Perhaps it’s Aliens invading? The Taliban? Communists? Communist Taliban Nazi Zombie’s from outer space!?(all rights reserved.) It could be the great rapture. Maybe it will be a time when the Illuminati will come a knocking at my door, and ask me to please stop blowing the top off their kettle, but chances are I’m wrong and so are all of these other “reasons.”

So don’t be afraid, and live life to live it. Don’t just go nuts thinking that tomorrow will never come, or that 2011 and 2012 are it. No, you will be ok. It’s those who will continue to freak out and escalate what is nothing into a world event that you ought to watch out for. It’s ok to fall into grooves with people, especially if it’s a pretty girl with messy hair, tight jeans, converse, sleeve less purple t and a large bandana around her neck telling you the world will end so you better do her. By all means do her like IT IS the end of the world but use a condom because much like you, tomorrow is bound to come.

Be safe, and a Happy New Year from everyone at Bitch Slap Radio!


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